Certification Portfolio Information


The portfolio must meet high standards similar to an Executive Summary or Master’s Thesis project. It should outline your experience working with the TEACCH Principles and Practices in your work setting for the past year.

Portfolios must contain the following. Use labeled tabbed dividers to structure your portfolio:

• Table of Contents
• Resume/CV
• Proof of College Degree
• Professional Licensure
• Personal Statement
• Work Samples:

o Photos of the general classroom/clinic structure with detailed notes explaining the images.
o Three case studies of individuals with ASD. Each case study must include the following:

Student/Client Bio (written text):

• Learning styles
• Interests and motivators
• Strengths and emerging skills
• Weaknesses and challenges
• Cognitive/functional academics
• Communication/language
• Play/Social/Leisure
• Fine and gross motor skills
• Self-help/domestic skills

Photos for each case study illustrating the following five areas with detailed notes describing the images including the individualization for this case study;

1. Physical organization of the environment (teaching, independent, play, group, etc)
2. Individual Schedule: describe components (form, length, location, cue to initiate use and how the student manages the schedule) of the schedule. Include a list of visual cues and corresponding activities for the scheduled activities throughout the day
3. Work/Activity Systems in two different environments: describe how it answers the four questions of the work system
4. Material structure and visual support within activities: at the table and away from the table and across the curriculum areas.
5. Visual Supports for Communication: expressive and receptive

o Group teaching examples: physical organization and visual supports
o Provide samples of two-way communication with parents/caregivers and describe how it is used and individualized to meet the needs of the parents.
o Recommended, but not required: A 5- to 10-minute video of you working with an individual with ASD in a 1:1 or group teaching session demonstrating individualized structured TEACCHing strategies.

*Applicant is responsible for obtaining appropriate permissions for all individuals with ASD/students/clients being photographed or filmed for this portfolio.

Mail a hard copy of your completed non-returnable portfolio to:
TEACCH Autism Program - Certifications
University of North Carolina Campus Box #7180
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7180


Once your application and portfolio have been reviewed, you will be contacted by TEACCH. The next step in the application process is to be  scheduled for an evaluation. This consists of two components: a written test and an oral examination. Both evaluations will assess you in the following domains:

  • Knowledge of TEACCH Philosophy (understanding autism, strengths-based, using interests, developmental approach, working with parents)
  • Application of strategies for working with parents
  • Individualization through assessment
  • Individualization of the elements of Structured TEACCHing
  • Problem solving around issues related to autism and learning style !!!